Time is Money: Invest It Wisely

How to invest wisely in your business

If there’s one investment everyone should make, it’s in time. We’re always rushing from one task to the next, chasing opportunities, and rarely pausing to enjoy the moment.

I’m guilty of this too.

After work, I spend additional hours on my freelance writing business. This pace isn’t sustainable, and I’m eagerly anticipating a transition to full-time self-employment soon.

Once I can focus all my energy on my own business, without the need to juggle two careers, I’ll devote more time to self-development and pursuing a happier, healthier lifestyle.


First, I’m going to read more books. I love reading and have been a bookworm since childhood. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book after a long day. Currently, my schedule offers little downtime, and most of my reading is from blogs. I can’t wait to lose myself in a story and watch hours fly by. I might even create a cozy reading nook for myself!


Investing time in exercise is one of the best returns on investment for our health. Right now, I do some stretching at night and follow a few YouTube workout videos. However, I know I need to invest more time in my health as I age and my family grows. Being thin isn’t the same as being healthy. I want to be able to run a few miles without stopping. These goals are achievable if we dedicate a bit more time to ourselves!


In recent years, I’ve learned that life is incredibly short. We might be focused on the next opportunity or promotion, but at what cost? We need to invest time in enjoying our families, parents, and grandparents while we still have them with us. Many of us have lost someone too soon, yet we often don’t learn from those experiences. It’s time to recognize how precious and fleeting life is and to give ourselves the time we need to live it fully.

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